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After 24 years as a chef, Adam has hung up his apron to go full time with wine. Starting his own restaurant in 2008 was the catalyst for Adam to get serious about wine, when, being responsible for a wine list, he didn't simply want to be led by the local drinks supplier, but wanted to learn and understand what he was selling and make the best wine list he could. WSET courses at intermediate and advanced level followed, and joining the online UK Wine forum. Attending trade tastings wherever possible also helped him learn quickly. By 2011, he had begun holding his own monthly wine tasting evenings in the restaurant and, after selling the restaurant, subsequently continued them at Pizza Margherita, the 100th tasting neatly coinciding with opening the shop in February 2020.

Adam has a particular love and knowledge of Italian wines (reflected in the shop's well stocked Italian shelves.) and is currently particularly excited about the new wave of Sicilian wines. His favourites reds include Etna Rosso, classic Sangiovese wines from Tuscany and Nebbiolo wines from Piemonte. He also loves Pinot Noir/red Burgundy, and his favourite whites include Rieslings, Etna Bianco and Chenin Blanc.


In the greater scheme of things Liam is fairly new to wine- at least that it’s only in the last few years that he’s started to develop an understanding and appreciation of quality wine. He’s no stranger to the enjoyment of a glass of it though! He trained as an actor, and earns a living writing and performing- something he still loves. He says “Wine, for me, is about the love of a moment. Whether that’s the anticipation of opening a bottle you’re excited about, or the wave of pleasure that comes from something delicious, or the collective fuzzy happiness of good times with good company, wine gives me a lot of those moments.” Liam enjoys a wide variety of styles, but if pressed to pick a couple? “A glass of good Rioja by a roaring fire, or a glass of southern French rose- especially if that comes with a holiday


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